CVIT-IIIT Hyderabad
Research Assistant
CVIT-IIIT Hyderabad,Hyderabad

Working on Neural Rendering and Implicit Representations of Scene with Aakash KT and Prof P.J Narayanan.Work primarily in the region of appearance editing of objects captured in the wild;HDR image prediction of indoor scenes and object insertion

University de Laval-Laval
Research Intern
University de Laval-Laval, Canada

Working with Prof Jean-Francois Lalonde in panoramic novel view synthesis of indoor scenes in high resolution. Funded by Mitacs-Canada

IREL-IIIT Hyderabad
Independent Study
IREL-IIIT Hyderabad,Hyderabad

Worked under Prof Vasudev Varma and Balaji Vasan Srinivasan (Adobe) in the area of multimodal text summarization and GAN based text to image techniques.

IIIT Hyderabad
Teaching Assistant
IIIT Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Took tutorials curated assignments and graded marksheets for courses : 1) Computer Vision 2) Statistical Methods in AI 3) Digital System & Microcontrollers

Segmind Solutions
Deep Learning Intern
Segmind Solutions,Bangalore

Ported different object detection and semantic segmentation algorithms into Tensorflow 2.2.Integrated them into a single library for easy use.

Technical Staff

Designed over 200 questions to be used in various challenges.Made benchmarks and tested different research based challenges.

DreamVU Inc
Computer Vision Intern
DreamVU Inc,Hyderbad

Designed tools to benchmark images captured with various SOTA algorithms.Assisted in capturing data and improving image quality captured by the camera.

DappLogix Software Pvt Ltd
SDE Intern
DappLogix Software Pvt Ltd,Hyderabad

Used OCR Algorithms to extract keywords from degree certificates.Designed a pipeline to crosscheck the data with information filled in by candidate.